Wednesday, February 3, 2016

About Me

First of all let me say how grateful I am that you chose time out of your day to sit and read my story! 
Here is my journey up to this point, this is only the beginning and we have a long way to go...
John and I started dating our freshman year of high school (yes we're that weird couple).  We dated for 10 years and decided to commit our lives to each other in August 2011.  We kind of grew up together so we formed hobbies as a team, we love the outdoors and John's passion for hunting and fishing really rubbed off on me.  We live in Louisiana and it just wouldn't be right if we didn't take full advantage of "Sportsman's Paradise"!  We are avid bow hunters, we enjoy duck, dove, rabbit (my favorite meat), deer, and of course salt water fishing!  John loves to garden, and his mom taught me to cook many moons ago so I love to make full use of our game and garden!  Anytime I get a chance to craft something I'm usually on it, when I see something in the store I immediately say, "I can make that!" It doesn't always turn out well but I love trying none the less.  A couple years ago, John graduated professional school, I quit my full time job and we thought we'd start a family.  You know that saying First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.... Infertility? My dream has always been to be a Stay at Home Mom, although in our early twenties, I had some surgeries and we knew it could slow our baby making, we didn't really know what that would mean for us in the future.  We continued on hoping that a baby was soon to come, we bought a house (big enough for a few babies) and started doing some more testing.  We discovered John has a male factor, and my tube is scarred over from surgeries, so there is no way I can get pregnant naturally.  Here we sit, waiting.  This is the game us infertile's play, THE WAITING GAME. Waiting for test results, waiting for periods, waiting for money, waiting.....waiting.....waiting.  Meanwhile we are trying to take it one day at a time, trying to still enjoy life, hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, crafting, and yes saving, saving more money than we have ever had to save for one tiny little thing.  Fertile people lay in bed for one night to make the thing we will save for a year for and hope to have!  My goal with this blog is to have fun, share our hobbies, share recipes, crafts, money saving tips and to reach out to the infertility community because you are in my heart everyday.  This is a scar that will never go away but I want to be there for you and hold your hand through the good, the bad and the ugly waiting game. You know the funny thing about life is that it isn't always easy, but if you take a minute to be grateful for the little things, it can be a beautiful life!